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Søren Engelbrecht

M.A., Online Communications
M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering

Mobile: (+45) 21 84 00 00
e-Mail: soeren (at) imagepro (dot) dk

What I do

My core competence is to devise, design, and implement digital solutions that succeed by satisfying both customer needs and business objectives. I have more than 15 years of experience working with all aspects of digitalization: e-Commerce, Self-Service, personalized pages, etc. - in the shape of both web-based solutions and Apps.

How I do it

My work is based on three pillars:

  • Business Insight: What is the core usage scenario for the intended target group, and is the solution designed sufficiently “outside-in” to be successful ?

  • IT insight: What is technically possible (and feasible), and how should the solution be built in order to offer a maximum of flexibility for results optimization after release, or re-use in other channels or countries ?

  • User insight: How should the solution be designed (functionally and visually) to optimise the customer experience ? Since 1999, I have been working with UX, prototyping, design, and user testing. Analysis of usage data as a means for optimizing existing solutions is part of my DNA

Based on these pillars, I collect requirements from stakeholders, analyse data, distill ideas into meaningful concepts, describe and visualise solutions and roadmaps. Innovation is a key element in what I do, be it inventing an App to help recover lost mobile phones or finding a low-cost way of adapting a flight booking engine to new legal requirements.


I am currently looking for new employment opportunities within digital Strategy, Innovation, and Execution. My next employer could be a medium/large company or a consultancy. I am open to any line of business - I have always found it interesting to investigate new branches and come with a well-equipped toolbox for doing so.

Digital Career (1999-):

Science Career (1992-1999):

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