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First and foremost, I take pictures because I like the way that they capture moments, feelings, and expressions. I literally keep a camera with me at all times.

Asta at Basel Kunstmuseum, 2006. Minolta CLE with Voigtlaender 28/3.5

As a "side effect", I have come to appreciate the process of using classic, mechanical cameras. Maybe because of the satisfaction of still being able to using a mechanical device built with care and craftsmanship in 1938, 1955, or 1969. I use digital cameras, too, though. Nothing wrong with those :-)


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In late October, it felt just right to leave wet and dreary Danmark behind for six days of sunshine in Rome. We had a blast, taking in the history and greatness of the place. And some great food :-)


The summer of 2013 was spent in our native Denmark, first going westward to my (historic) hometown of Fredericia, then east again to the rocky island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

Quite children-centric, as usual, but also including lots of history and culture - and definitely very relaxing for the whole family.


Once again, we discovered new and intriguing sides of this fascinating country - by far our favourite place to travel. Busy, yet calm at the same time, and always ever so slightly out-of-sync with the Western way of approaching things


We spent ten days in Beijing, a fascinating and intensive melting pot of old and new. A fantastic trip that mixed scyscrapers and iPads with temples, tricycles, and chopsticks. We were fortunate enough to stay in a not-so-fancy part of town, allowing us to get a glimpse of ordinary Chinese life


Where to go, when October is bringing the usual cold and rains to Denmark ?? Lovely Italy with great food, architecture, culture, and beaches :-) We spent a terrific week in the North of Italy: First Milano, then Albissola Marina on the Italian part of the Riviera. Lots of sunshine and 18 deg C...


We spent the summer holidays in the South of Finland - the towns of Turku and Helsinki, as well as the tranquil Moomin Valley and other great spots of nature. Finland is nice and warm in the summer, and we had a great time with the kids.


This particular Easter, we decided on the Swedish town of Malmö, just 40 minutes from Copenhagen by train. Most Copenhageners just go day-tripping, but we spent six wonderful days of culture, fun, and ice cream


We needed to simply get away for a few days, and - more or less by coincidence - we decided on Frankfurt, Germany. And we didn't regret that :-) Nice, quiet and comfortable, and with lots of activities for the kids, as well. Incidentally, Wetzlar - birthplace of the Leica camera - is only about 30 miles away.


Since 1984, my parents have owned a "Time Share" apartment at Skagen (A.K.A. "The Skaw" in English) - the northernmost tip of Denmark. While there aren't exactly polar bears around, it can be pretty cold in January, when we go there. But fun for the kids, of course :-)


Our second trip to Japan - this time with both kids in tow, now aged 4 and 1. Again, absolutely fabulous. These pictures focus solely on our experiences Tokyo during the first week - we spent the second week swimming on Okinawa


Images from a five-day trip to Barcelona, Spain, in February - trying to capture some early spring. Highlights were the street life, the Aquarium - and definitely the non-wintery temperatures...


May 14, 2008, was a very special day. Our son Anton was born by caesarian section. Since it was planned well in advance, I decided to document the procedure, and somehow, I actually managed to remain fairly calm, while still enjoying the moment immensely.
No blood or guts are visible in the pictures, BTW :-)


Paris is, well, Paris. Vibrant with life, and things to see everywhere. This trip included my pregnant wife, Asta (then 3), and the inlaws, but somehow Paris is so full of life that I still managed to capture some - dare I say classic - Parisian street scenes.


Our first trip to Japan, for the first time encountering the wonderful japanese culture - a (to us, at least) weird and wonderful mix of new and old - temples and technology, chopsticks and computerization. Our trip took us through Tokyo, Kamakura, and Takayama.


The - by now classic - concept of documenting all aspects of a country in one day. On August 18, 2005, more than 300 professional photographers set out on the task. They submitted a total of 2.237 images, and one of mine was selected for the book (containing 100 images), and the exhibition of 130 images, that later went as far as Paris.


Books and Such

My first book on Blurb was a wedding present.
I "did" the wedding of my Italian colleague and friend, Massimo, and his Swedish girl, Tina, taking place on a wonderful island and fairly isolated island near Stockholm. A truly remarkable, and wonderful event, and still the second best wedding, I've ever been to :-)


For many years, I had a burning desire to combine two of my greatest passions in life - Photography and Music - by doing an album cover. In 2008, the dream finally came true, when I was approached by Nicolai and Nicolai from Nechoes. Great fun.

The title of the album - which is in Danish - was inspired by a nursery rhyme about a boy called Nicolai, whose head is facing the wrong way round.


Our Honeymoon went to Tanzania, crossing through several national parks for the wildlife, continuing through the less-crowded Usambara Mountains to the fabulous island of Zanzibar. Truly the trip of a lifetime - and definitely worth the countless hours I spent scanning piles of negatives to make this book...


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